Don’t Get Comfortable, Cuz You Can’t Stay!

I had to turn the TV off and chill out…just me, my MacBook and the new Drake Album (Take Care).  I have to totally zone out to put this post together…like the situation, my thoughts are all over the place so just be patient with me.  The more successful I am with being totally honest, finding my role in this exaggerated world and continuing my new passion for blogging, clarity has been a double-edged sword.  I am not only seeing things more clearly, but I m feeling them as well.  The bullsh*t that I am used to allowing to stay in my life is magically disappearing.  The people, the toxic friendships, and the “bad” are all starting to fall to the ground and out of my way.  I make conquering total happiness, a priority.  I make it a point to respect those around me even when they don’t deserve it (sometimes I fall short, but I apologize for my shortcomings)!  With all the greatness that I am feeling there is a small amount of sadness that I feel in learning to say good-bye to the bad people and things around me.  I have discussed this before (“Let Go”), but even with all of the preparedness that I seem to have built up for this moment in my life, I still stand clueless as to how I can make the reality a little less painful.  I’ve learned to step out on my faith…and trust that God will guide my footsteps.  What prompted me to write this?  Let’s just say a conversation with a love/hate “friend” took place.

Details? Not too many that I will offer, but I will say that this person has beyond raised my eyebrow and forced me to redefine what loyalty truly means to me.  Their reasoning for doing what, I believe to be shady, is simple…”I was on their list, but not a priority…” so they “didn’t even think of how [I] would feel.”  Now if that’s not one hell of a reason to do me dirty, I don’t know what is.  Needless to say, this conversation sparked something in me to REALLY understand that not everyone is me and not everyone lives to the same standards of dedication that I do.  I’m done faulting people for their lack of consideration and understanding that not everyone can come on my journey with me.  Some people will have to stop off at the next exit while I continue on my road trip.

THOUGHT: It seems fitting to quote Drake at this point… “May your neighbors respect you, trouble neglect you, angels protect you and Heaven accept you.”  You may not be a part of my life anymore, but I still wish you well.


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