Love & Hip Hop…No “Kimbellas” Allowed!


I’m taking a break (and a risk) in changing the pace a bit to express my opinions about the season premiere of Love and Hip Hop. It has caused quite a stir and is the spark of many “water cooler” conversations.  I think there is a lesson to be learned by this first episode…perception is key!

Let’s start with Kimbella…UGH!  For those that don’t know, Kimbella is the lady friend of Juelz Santana.  Her whole ora was just STANK from the very start.  You are invited to a group event and you BEGIN by acting stuck up and out of line!   I normally don’t like to pre-judge others, but DANG she is beyond annoying and it was hard to fully watch the episode.  In a world where someone’s life is but only one click away, how do you NOT see them on TV and come to your own conclusions?  Throughout the entire episode I was taken back because, although it was an exaggerated segment of scenes, I don’t surround myself with the “Kimbellas” of the world. Maybe my opinion of her will change as the season goes on, but for now…NOPE!  I am not a fan of her!

Moving on! Chrissy was the spark and subject of many Tweets and Facebook status updates.  Some thought that she was wrong for physically attacking the aforementioned young lady, while others actually identified with her because, they too, would have defended their friend just like she did.  Again, for those that did not watch the episode, here is a QUICK summary.  Everyone is at a house gathering at Emily’s apartment to celebrate her new-found independence from long time rapper boyfriend, Fabolous (Fab).  While all of the women are socializing, Kimbella drops a MAJOR bomb and reveals that she dated Fabolous 3 years prior.  The catch?  Emily was also dating Fab and was pregnant with their son.  Chrissy was outraged that this woman had the audacity to spill the beans at, what was supposed to be, such a nice event.  People may not agree, but I would have cussed someone out the same way Chrissy did, all to defend my friend!  The a$$ whoopin’ that she delivered was just an added bonus.

Now, some may think that I am going a bit overboard and I shouldn’t be inserting my opinions based off of a mere reality television guilty pleasure, but this particular episode represents what actually happens with females.  Catty behavior, bad attitudes, he said she said, infidelity, etc…it ALL contributes to drama amongst friends and it causes you to PERCEIVE a certain situation in a way that may or may not be necessary.  So which role will you be playing in your real life episode?  Kimbella or Chrissy?


1. Do you think Chrissy was wrong for getting physical?

2. Was Kimbella’s timing off when she disclosed her relationship with Fab?

3. Are you #TeamKimbella or #TeamChrissy?

Sidenote: I think I like Somaya way more this season!



  1. Lets try this again… You already know how I feel on this topic. I hate team anything but, i’m #TEAM……KIMBELLA. I dont like bullies & that’s all Chrissy is. She always blowing hot air. I think Kimbella was very distasteful in her choice to tell Emily in front of the girls. But lets flip it had she not, the outcome would have been the same when they discovered it. Because she & Emily would haved talked it out & not said anything & when Olivia found out & went running to Chrissy with the info she would have been all Huff & Puff I’ll blow your house down. lol I like that one, anyway. Let’s face it Kimbella has a role to play & that’s be the cute chick. Nobody is paying this chick for her brains. She just using what she got to get ahead. Chrissy on the other hand is using JIMMY & his Momma to make her relavent. She has nothing, & nothing ass broads all ways HATIN’. Kimbella has something Chrissy doesn’t a job outside of reality tv & a baby by her man. Chrissy can’t even get a proposal after 9 years. HTTR!!!!

    • WEll, first and foremost THANK YOU for subscribing! On to the juicy stuff! YES, I know you hate #TeamAnything and I thought of you when I wrote it lol! Kimbella left a very very very bad taste in my mouth from the first introduction. She made side comments and even mentioned Emily’s kid having the same type of hair her son. She just seemed to have an underlying agenda…yeah, her role is to stir the pot and she is succeeding at that. I can’t hate on her hustle, but I just don’t like girls like her. FEMALES like her DO exist and most of them end up getting stomped on. I actually like Chrissy…I think SHE is making Jimmy relevant. He isn’t THAT big of a rapper when you compare him to the greats and the new, fresh flavor. Let’s face it, without this show…he wouldn’t be talked about all that much. This was a come-up opportunity for Dipset and their chics. But, at the end of the day…Kimbella rubs me the wrong way…she talks like she is talking down to others and she is snobby! I think she’s pretty and yeah, makes money outside of the show, but she’s STANK-a-DANK!

  2. 1. Chrissy behavior was absolutely abhorrent. I can understand taking up for a friend, but at that moment in time her energies would have been best directed in the comforting of Emily. Another observation as to why her actions were so awful is that I believe that her intentions were not purely for the aid of Emily. From the first interactions with Kimbella she had adverse feelings towards her so its safe to say that her actions were not 100% in Emily’s intrest.

    2. Kimbella’s timing was absolutely awful. At the jewlery showcase she didnt tell Emily due to the lack it not being the right time, so why would she decide to do it at another large gathering especially when Emily is the host. Not smart. Not smart at all. That conversation would have been best done one on one or actually not at all considering they arent friends and also it happened years ago and is no longer relevant to either parties present lives.

    3. No comment….


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