So, as an update to my post earlier this week it is being rumored that Fab and Emily maaaay be BACK TOGETHER (see most recent image below)!  Of course you know that I am totally #TeamChrissy, but on the flip side of the spectrum there is something to be said about this latest drama twist.  Sticking up for your friends and fighting their battles represents loyalty, dedication and basic caring principles.  However, this latest update shows that sometimes it’s best to not get involved, especially when it comes to relationships!  Chrissy stood up for her friend and now she’s back with the man who was the root of all of them even being at the same event. 



At times people bring more drama on themselves, and drama causes negative energy.  When there is negativity surrounding you, it blocks your path and your purpose (still #TeamChrissy though)!

THOUGHT: There’s always a lesson to be learned even if it is based on “reality” television! 

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