Let Me Scratch Your Back!

When you get to a point in your life when you want to make a change, do something different or just experience something more fulfilling it’s easy to become all about “self” unknowingly.  You go through the days focusing only on your life and your goals and what you can do for YOU, but a part of living your purpose should include helping others.  My life is happier and more gratifying when I can sit back and look at how I have impacted another person’s life.  It can be something as small as a phone call or as big as a life saving favor.  Whatever the size of the selfless act, it makes me feel good to lend a helping hand when I can.  The most important thing that I remember is, I don’t expect anything in return.  Does it feel nice to be able to count on others like they do me?  Sure, but it’s not necessary.  If I have it to give, then I will “scratch your back” and offer it without being asked first.  Being selfless boosts my faith, my loyalty to others and my soul…that is more valuable than any tangible object.


It wasn’t always as easy for me to be so giving; it’s something that I’ve developed over the years, but my consistent love for others and God has helped me get to this point and I wouldn’t change it for anything.  Me leading a more peaceful lifestyle creates an environment that breeds success and unconditional joy.  I am realizing that ONE of my purposes in this life is to look out for those around me, whether it be a friend or an enemy.  I was born to love.


THOUGHT: Being kind and giving to others is what inspires change for the better.


  1. For God so loved the world he gave his only begotten son….This is model set forth for us to govern and live our lives. Whether it be sparing change to someone less fortunate or listening to a friend in need. Blessing will only be bountiful if you bless others as you have been blessed.


  2. Great post! Learning to give selflessly is truly a process. It’s ok to be a generous person but you also have to find balancing and focus on helping people who are looking to be helped. Remember:Everyone will take what your handing out as long as it’s free and they don’t have to put in effort (this can lead to enabling). The true art in being selfless is teaching people how to help themselves.

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