What if Your Dreams Could Be Fulfilled After You Died?

Source: Yahoo

Source: Yahoo


I came across a story today that really touched my heart because it reminded me just how insane this world can be.  One moment you could be alive and kicking, the next you could be dead and only a memory to those you leave behind.  The story I read was about 21-year old Kristina Chesterman, a nursing student at Chico State University.  She was hit by a drunk driver while riding her bike home and she sadly died a few days later.  Kristina’s organs were donated and she was able to save a very special life.  Her heart went to 64-year old retired nurse, Susan Vieira.


After six months of not knowing where her heart came from, she read a news article where Kristina’s mother openly said she wanted to meet the person who received her daughter’s heart.  The interesting part?  Kristina’s mom had found a bucket list that her daughter was keeping.  She gave the bucket list to Susan and oddly enough, many of the things had already been accomplished.  Susan says, “She read my Kristina’s bucket list…It was as if I was getting a CV of my life.  There were so many points that I had already on that bucket list.  It was uncanny.”


Susan has decided to mark off the rest of Kristina’s bucket list and says, “I’d like to think all the things I continue to accomplish in my life, I’m taking Kristina with me…Together we will finish her bucket list.”


Another touching gift that she is able to give back is to hug Kristina’s mother so that she can again feel her daughter’s heart beat.  If only we could all have someone to fulfill our dreams once we are long gone.  What a touching story!


***Quotes were gathered from Yahoo!

Miss America Could Change Forever: Bare Your Tattoos!

Source: Yahoo Shine

Source: Yahoo Shine

Growing up, I loved watching all beauty pageants.  I never once considered competing, but I will say that it was always exciting to see perfect women on stage, representing their country/state.  Fast forward to present day, who would have ever thought we would be seeing contestants sporting tattoos for the world to see?!  I must say, a tattoo lover myself, it is SO refreshing to know that there is a chance for a REAL woman to win the competition.  I believe that standing out in a crowd is not always an easy thing to do and it takes  a special kind of person to do it fearlessly.

I am speaking of Miss Kansas, Theresa Vail!  She is one tough gal to say the least.  She is an “inked-up boxer, mechanic, bow hunter and U.S Army Sergeant” according to Yahoo! Shine  The world will be able to witness, for one of the first times in Miss America history, a woman who is breaking the barriers and redefining what is “acceptable”.  Want to read the full Yahoo! Shine article?  Click on the link below:

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Would You Live in a Van for a Couple Years to Pay Off All of Your Student Loans?

Source: Yahoo! Finance

Source: Yahoo! Finance

I found a really cool story on Yahoo and I just had to share!  Ken Ilgunas, like many of us, was being swallowed up by student loans, but he refused to live a life of being in debt.  He decided to move to Alaska and pick up local jobs and lived where room and board was paid for completely.  Ken had a $9/hr job for the first year, which helped him pay off $18,000 of his $32,000 student loan. After 2 and a half years, he was totally debt free!  Well, it doesn’t stop there.  Ken decided to go back to school, but refused to make the same mistake twice.  To avoid needing student loans, he bought a cheap van and camped out in a deserted parking lot on Duke’s campus where he lived until completing his Master’s.  How amazing?!

Check out Mandi Woodruff’s article, detailing exactly how Ken Ilgunas made a debt free life for himself.

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