Miss America Could Change Forever: Bare Your Tattoos!

Source: Yahoo Shine

Source: Yahoo Shine

Growing up, I loved watching all beauty pageants.  I never once considered competing, but I will say that it was always exciting to see perfect women on stage, representing their country/state.  Fast forward to present day, who would have ever thought we would be seeing contestants sporting tattoos for the world to see?!  I must say, a tattoo lover myself, it is SO refreshing to know that there is a chance for a REAL woman to win the competition.  I believe that standing out in a crowd is not always an easy thing to do and it takes  a special kind of person to do it fearlessly.

I am speaking of Miss Kansas, Theresa Vail!  She is one tough gal to say the least.  She is an “inked-up boxer, mechanic, bow hunter and U.S Army Sergeant” according to Yahoo! Shine  The world will be able to witness, for one of the first times in Miss America history, a woman who is breaking the barriers and redefining what is “acceptable”.  Want to read the full Yahoo! Shine article?  Click on the link below:

Read Theresa Vail’s Story Here!

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