Special Post for a Woman Shaping Her Destiny…

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We all go through changes in life…

We see friends come, friends go…we go through ups and we go through downs…we cry…we laugh…we have crazy moments…we experience it all!

As crazy at it gets, some people can take a leap of faith so great, that you can’t help but appreciate and look up in amazement.  I met a special gal about 12 years ago while in college.  From the beginning, she had an outgoing spirit and one hell of a side eye (lol)!  We had moments of distance, where months would go by with no contact, but then that one girl’s night out, every once in a while, brought us back together.  As we get older, I’ve grown to appreciate her honesty and her support.  When I think about it and look back at old pics, I realize that she has really been there for a lot.  My lovely and dear friend, Jelonda, will be embarking on a journey that will be life changing.

She has decided to move to Thailand for six months, working on her inner and outer self, taking life as it comes.  Who knows where this leap of faith will lead her, but one thing is for sure, I have an immeasurable amount of respect for her.

To my girl:

Know that we are all watching you and praying for your safe travels.  We love you and want nothing but the best for this new path that you are walking down.  You are an inspiration to everyone around you and even those watching from afar.  Continue to follow your heart and your dreams…I am SO SO proud of you and I know that God will be guiding your every move, so behave and live it up as if no one is watching lol.  Here are some snapshots of great times, so whenever you get homesick just take a peak at the memories!

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OBAMA 2012: What a Victory

The best decision that I made this year was on November 6, 2012…I made the decision to vote for Barack Obama.  Although I was hesitant in voting, because politics can often be discouraging, I took a leap of faith “just in case” my vote DID count.  As a woman, I know that I can make decisions and choices about my body without the fear that my rights may be wiped away.  That’s a POWERFUL feeling to have and I’m thankful to those that encouraged me to vote during this election.  If you missed Obama’s 2012 victory speech, here it is and enjoy watching OUR president accept the highest honor as Commander-in-Chief: