Former Day26 Member, Willie Taylor, Enters the Dreamworld!

We’ve seen him on television, heard him through our speakers and now he’s telling everyone to Instagram Ya Body in his brand new single!  This young man has been known to sing ladies’ lingerie right off their bodies (or so we can assume!) and he’s proven to be well equipped with dance moves, a sultry voice and writing talent.  Willie Taylor (Willie Madison Taylor III) hails from Illinois and was a member in R&B group, Kwiet Storm, but eventually parted ways to start his solo career.  He’s worked with artists such as Avant, Joe, Jagged Edge and Ginuwine and, prior to his solo album release (On My Way), he auditioned for MTV’s Making the Band 4.  He and four others managed to fight their way through grueling try-outs, wow the judges and even win over Diddy himself, to eventually form the group, Day26.

In addition to his success on Making the Band, Willie is the CEO of Noivak Music Group and is a father of two; he seems to be holding up well against the pressure of balancing family and work.  He took some time out of his busy schedule to chat with the Dreamworld and share what’s new with Day26, what we can expect in the near future and one thing that all of the ladies are dying to know…if he’s single!  Check out what he has to say:

How have you grown (musically and personally) since you were first introduced to the world on Making the Band 4/Day 26?

I’ve grown a lot  since the show first aired, I’ve recorded two #1 Albums, traveled the World twice, won awards & had a LOT of Reality checks, but I feel it only made me STRONGER and WISER in my Music and Personal Life.

Instagram Ya Body seems like a simple enough concept since it’s such a popular app now, but no one has made a hit quite like you. How did you come up with the idea to dedicate an entire track to this modern phenom?

I’m a CREATIVE Writer, I always want to be Clever in my Music, I’ve shown a lot of that on my first mixtape, Sextape, with songs like “Knock it Out The Park,” “Sex Conversation,” “King of the Jungle” & “Full Course Meal” to name a few and just like I did with those records I did this record Instagram Ya Body; which is basically letting your girl know how fly she is and wanting to share her Beauty with the world, that Simple!!!! lol

Are you still making music with the group or can fans expect you to be a completely solo artist moving forward?

Great Question,lol. Well Honestly I would Love to tell you that a New Group (DAY26) Album is coming soon but that wouldn’t be true. The reason for the Breakup….. we’ll have to do in a later interview but just know I was one of the members there til the end, and I can’t just stop because of others, so I have to continue to do what I love which is Music.  Get Ready For “The Reintroduction Of Willie Taylor”!

Between the Sextape mixtape and Instagram Ya Body track, it’s safe to say that you are a sexual individual. What influences you to make such raw and sensual music…is it all based on personal experiences?

Some of it is Based of Personal Experiences, Big Imagination, and some just from Knowing what Women Want. Those 3 are SOME of the Secrets to My MADNESS.

You’ve fought your way through the industry and have seen your fair share of ups and downs, what’s one thing you would change if you could?

Honestly, I wouldn’t change anything thus far, I feel Like God works right “ON” Time so everything that I’ve been through, Ups and Downs were in some shape, form or fashion Needed for this Journey!!!!

If you could offer advice to the younger you, what would it be (given what you’ve learned about the industry up to this point)?

I would say, Keep God First,  Stay true to yourself, Invest in YourSelf,  And Give it your all, that way you can always know that you left it all out on the table.  Win or Lose You Gave it your all!!

A personal Willie Taylor favorite of mine is 12 Play; how does it feel to know that you may be responsible for some great romance and/or baby making?

That’s a good feeling! I actually have had many ladies come see me at a show and tell me that they have a baby off my Sextape Music…. crazy part is one said she named her baby “Willie” LOL

All of the ladies want to know…are you single or can they feel free to Instagram their body?

Sorry Ladies, I’m not Single but, however, you can Still feel Free to “Instagram Ya Body” I’m Sure you do that already!!! lol

What’s one funny/quirky thing about you that fans may not know?

I’m goofy as hell, I turn everything into a Joke!!!! We laugh all day in my Camp!!!

Well there you have it!  Everything we’ve been wondering and then some!  I will definitely be following up to get the details on the Day26 break-up, but in the meantime check out his new single, Instagram Ya Body feat. Jeremih, below!  Thank you so much for visiting the Dreamworld and be sure to check back in!

Instagram Ya Body

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