B.B.M.= Become a Blogger Mondays!!!

I love to write.  I love to share stories about people who are on their grind and fighting to make their dreams come true.  I even share my own stories of personal triumph (because I know you really care)!  After speaking with a friend, I realized that a lot of what I talk about—although very uplifting—can sometimes be so serious that you don’t get to see my lighthearted side.  So, in LIGHT of my fame and success (haha), I’ve decided to begin a series (Become a Blogger Mondays) that highlights exactly what I do, how I got here, the things that have helped me along the way, tips I’ve gathered from other bloggers and anything else I can think of to help YOU become a blogger!

This week’s topic: “How Do You Decide to Start Blogging?”

1. Be honest with yourself. Can you even write?

-I believe in putting your mind to anything, but you must also be realistic with yourself.  A major part of any blog site is, in fact, WRITING!  Of course, there’s interactive portions and pictures and whatnot, but at some point…you will have to express what’s in your mind through words and unless you plan to have a ghost writer (which some bloggers have), you should decide whether this is right for you and if it is, then put your best foot forward.  

2. Do you have anything to blog about?

-There are SO many types of blogs out there! You have travelers, crafters, advice columnists, financial advisers, chefs, fashion gurus, etc.  You can pretty much BLOG about anything, but I suggest making sure it’s something you can stick with and obtain longevity in.  If you don’t enjoy what you are sharing with the world, how can you expect others to buy into what you’re talking about?

3. Is this something you are going to be able to keep up with?

-The idea of starting something new is [almost] always fun and exciting at first, but as we know, starting something for the first time is often like a relationship.  You get butterflies, you hang out, you talk all the time, etc. and then after the honeymoon period, you’re sometimes bored!  Think of your new venture like a marriage…am I in this for the long haul?  Of course it’s your choice to start something new and not finish it, but what about your readers/followers who enjoy reading what you write about? Are you just going to leave them hanging when you decide you’ve had enough? No bueno!

4. Are you ready for the world to see YOU?

-No matter how personal or impersonal your blog site may be, you must always realize…it is for the world to see (of course once you’ve decided to make your site public).  You must also realize, as with anything in life, you cannot please everyone.  There will be negative feedback, naysayers and even people who may directly tell you what they don’t like!  This comes along with the territory, so having thick skin is key.  Getting past this realization was easy for me because I love what I do and I learn something new everyday.

Example: I had someone tell me that my blog needed to be more controversial and I needed to talk about the juicy/dirty stuff with celebrities in order for me to see success.  How did I handle this feedback?  Well, for starters it was hard to take their words seriously since they weren’t offering an educated opinion.  They rarely read my site.  Secondly, everyone is entitled to their opinion!  I believe in what I do and I’m confident in my work.  Take the good with the bad and keep it moving!

Tidbit: This all started by acknowledging my talents! I thought there was a special formula to discovering what I was good at, but I soon realized that my dream/passion was staring me DEAD in the face for years!  Sometimes we often overlook the thing we have been seeking the most because it is the simplest option (message!).

I hope I’ve helped in some way!  If you have questions, leave a comment below and I also welcome other bloggers to offer their ideas on how they decided that blogging was for them!  HAPPY WRITING and join me next week when I discuss
“Which Blog Site is Right for You?”!!!

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