Let Go!

If I said that the past two weeks were tiring and stressful…that would be the understatement of the century.  I will stray away from the trivial complaints and focus on what’s really important.  For starters, I took a major step in solidifying my independence and just keeping that in the back of my mind is what keeps my adrenaline going!  Although it feels great to take this major stride, I can’t help but take a moment and be still long enough to realize the meaning of it all.  It’s been an emotional couple of weeks…memories that were built in the place I left, the anxiety that comes along with change, uncertainty of what comes next… It’s been really hard, to say the least, but I am learning to let go and if you will, “let God!

I have no clue what tomorrow is going to bring, but I do know
that I am riding this wave of ambiguity and soaking up everything!  Not knowing what will come next is scary, but living a life that feels good makes it worth the risk.  One thing that I have learned to do is sit back, watch and observe the people…the things…the environment around me.  I’m learning something new each day and for the first time the things that I’ve wanted all along are coming my way.  Fun, success, clarity, change, goals worth having…it’s all flowing in my direction and all I can say is…keep it coming!

THOUGHT:  Letting go will make room for the people and things worth holding on to.


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