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DC’s Summer Youth Employment Program

Going after your dreams and making a difference isn’t always about being in the entertainment industry.  There are many ways to work locally and make a change in young people’s lives no matter where you are.  Since I was a teen, I always loved working with children and youth; that has always been my passion!  My first meaningful mentoring opportunity was while I was home from college, living in Philadelphia and I worked with youth who had either dropped out of high school, weren’t ready for college or simply wanted to make money to help provide for their family.  They got the opportunity to work with local businesses and on days when they did not work, myself and other counselors ran training programs/workshops to assist them with resume composition, interview practice, work attire selection, etc.  My life was forever changed!
DC has the same employment program and they are accepting applications/resumes beginning on 1/25/13 at 12:15pm!  Please pass the word along to DC youth, ages 14-21.  This could be the step they need to change their life around or to simply learn the importance of hardwork.  Click on the link below and let’s start to enrich our youngsters.  BE THE CHANGE YOU WANT TO SEE!!!

*New Music* “Good Man” by KeiP.H.

Source: KeiP.H.

KeiP.H. will be featured in my Dreamer Alerts section, but until we get a sit-down interview with him, check out his brand new video, Good Man!  As always, don’t be afraid to let the Dreamworld know what you think.

Is She What the Female Rap Game Has Been Missing?


In keeping aligned with my previous post that featured female rapper, Charli Baltimore, I wanted to feature LoLa Monroe’s new video, Exodus 23:1.  She reps the DMV (DC, Maryland, Virginia) area pretty hard, but with females like Nicki Minaj in the game, can she keep up with their pace?  One thing that Nicki has been able to do well is crossover into mainstream, appealing to many different audiences.  LoLa Monroe’s style is different in many ways, but seems raw like Charli Baltimore or Lil’ Kim.  There’s been much hype surrounding her breakthrough within the industry; I’m curious to see how her career plays out!  Maybe I can feature her in the Dreamworld and get her thoughts on why she’s the next big thing to come from the DMV!

Check out LoLa Monroe’s new video and let me know your thoughts!!!