*New Music* World (Shyne’s New Artist) “Angel of Death” (Game Diss Record)

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There’s been much talk about Shyne’s recent release from prison and the unfinished business he’s had with certain members of the hip-hop community.  His most recent mixtape, Gangland, was dropped on the anniversary of his debut album on Bad Boy.  Shyne has taken a new artist under his wing, who goes by the name of “World” and he’s come with a banger!  Check out Angel of Death which is a heavy diss record aimed at The Game (click the link below).



Mel Carter (Jay’s Nephew), Drops New Mixtape “Popular Stranger”

I had the pleasure of getting a chance to interview Mel Carter!  Of course, there is hype surrounding the fact that he is Jay Z’s nephew, but more importantly today marks a special day for him as he drops his brand new mixtape, Popular Stranger!  Mel Carter is originally from Marcy (Brooklyn) and has been pursuing his passion for music for quite some time.  Naturally, there will be comparisons between him and his super mogul uncle, but I’m excited (and curious) to see how he holds his own in the industry.  I was lucky enough to ask him a few questions…check it out:

How will “Popular Stranger” differ from your debut project “Certified”? What can fans expect?

1st I believe I grew as an artist… You know, flow got sicker (haha), experienced a lot since the 1st project. They can just expect good music!! HITS HITS HITS!!

Who are some artists that will be featured on “Popular Stranger”?

Just my home team. My producer/rapper/singer JDOT, my right hand Fly Rah, and the beautiful Sonyae Elise that was on Certified…

When did you know that music/rapping was a passion and a dream that you just had to follow?

Around 8 yrs old,  I remember I ran in the house crying cuz I think I cut my knee or elbow and my moms totally ignored me cuz they just had debuted Aint No Nigga and the video made the pain go away…hahah so that’s when I was like yeah this is it, music heals wounds hahaha!

Up-and-coming artists sometimes think that it’s all about the glitz and glamour.  How much time and dedication is actually needed to really make your way through this industry?

WORK HARD!!! PLAY HARD!! 1st part of that is WORK hard… Without hard work there is no glitz and glamour!

What’s a typical day in the life like for Mel Carter?  

Uhhhh I wake up to Sportscenter…catch up on the all the games I missed…Then we in the studio…Prank who ever falls asleep.. haha… sometimes we might go clubbing, go to a game,whatever.. then go to sleep to Sportscenter.

What is the first emotion/thought that enters your mind when you are being interviewed and the predictable questions about your uncle, Jay-Z pop up?

1st I’m counting how many questions it took for you to ask about him… then I’m thinking is this an interview about me, Popular Stranger, or HOV…go ask him about him.

What sort of hardships do you anticipate in setting yourself aside from your Uncle? 

I’m not worried about that…

Who are your musical/rap inspirations?

LL Cool J, Hov, Justin Beiber, everybody man I’m just inspired by good music!

What words of wisdom can you offer other artists on the come-up, based on what you’ve learned in the industry thus far?

Believe in yourself 1st then everyone will follow with the, “I knew you were the one!” haha deadass!

What is something funny/quirky about you that fans may not already know?

I’m a prankster!  A big one!

How would you like your fans to support you and how can they follow your movement?




He’s a bit of a smart a$$ and I love it (lol)!  Well, if you want to see for yourself whether or not he has the skills to last in the game, check out his new mixtape, Popular Stranger!  Thanks, Mel Carter, for visiting the Dreamworld!


Jeremih-NEW MUSIC!!! Free Mixtape Download!

Check out the latest from Jeremih as he drops his brand new mixtape, Late Nights, on Datpiff.  Click on the link for your free download and as always, let me know what you think: