Should You Get Angry If Lil Wayne Doesn’t Identify With BLM?

Source: Google Images

If you’ve been paying attention to social media, you may have caught a snippet of rapper, Lil Wayne, expressing his views about the Black Lives Matter movement in a recent interview.  ABC’s Nightline released footage in which Wayne was pretty vocal about not supporting BLM.  You have to see the interview for yourself (below) to gain a full understanding of why some are highly upset with the rapper’s comments.  First off, Wayne doesn’t identify with the BLM movement and doesn’t think that others should either by putting a name to someone being shot by police for a “f*cked up reason”.  Let’s pause right here.  Is it somewhat insensitive to take this stance? Maybe it is.  After all, MLK, Jr. made a pretty powerful statement, “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.”

However, isn’t it everyone’s freedom to think and feel how they wish?  Yes.  Although, many may not agree with Lil Wayne’s perspective, it is in fact, his perspective.  Furthermore, does the black community need BLM as a way to identify or sympathize with what’s plaguing us?  No.  Everyone brings their own opinions an experiences to the table.  The world is filled with so many viewpoints that don’t always align with our neighbor’s and that is perfectly OK.  Wayne’s response to the backlash that he’s been receiving was quite simple.  He tweeted a statement, “Is intelligence always misunderstood?”  Him being a rich black man is enough proof (in his eyes) that black lives do matter.

What are your thoughts?  Was Lil Wayne wrong for his views on BLM?  Check out the full interview below and leave your thoughts in the comment section!


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