Election 2016: America May Become The Opposite Of Great

Source: Google Images

The day we were all afraid of is here.  When he first announced his plan to run for President everyone laughed.  Then when he won the Republican nomination, everyone laughed again.  Now, the USA is stuck with Donald Trump as their president.  What does this say about our country as a whole?  It says a lot actually.  We now know, just like blacks came out to vote for Obama two terms in a row, Trump has the same amount of support from his white voters.

Watching as each state on the CNN map turned red, the fear began to set in and the peace of having a charismatic and caring president in office began to disappear. The electoral votes just kept stacking against Hillary Clinton and many didn’t want to say it out loud, but in our minds we knew that the unthinkable was happening.  A man with no government experience, other than finding the best ways to cheat it, will now be the leader of the free world.  Many of us are left asking how we could have let this happen.  Well, for starters, there were millions that actually wanted to see Clinton in office and were extremely fearful of a Trump election.  But, it seems like the forgotten demographics on the democratic campaign trail are exactly the very ones that ended up supporting Trump.

So many things could have been done differently (maybe), but one thing that remains is the reality that serious reform needs to happen.  The lies, the scandals, the nasty campaigns, the tensions, the divide all seemed to play their own role in the end result.  There is no reason why the American people should have been forced to endure such torture and lack of strong nominees.

This isn’t a dream and it is beginning to feel like our very basic rights are no longer safe.  If this election does one thing, it should ignite the flame that forces us to start paying attention.  We need to be educated, vote in local elections, look at more than just the presidency every four years.  This is a real blow to millions, but as always, we will get through it together.  Let us hope that this is only a one-term president we’ve elected.

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