Are Women More Forgiving Than Men?


As a 30-something year old woman it’s hard to not think back on relationships where I endured so much because of my forgiving nature.   Even talking to girlfriends, the stories are far too similar and we are all left to ask the question: Why do women forgive men so much?

Before anyone gets up in arms, let’s just ponder on this concept for a second.  When a man cheats or is engaging in behavior he has no business engaging in, what do most women do? They yell, they may cry, they may hold out on sex for a while, they may even have a few ladies-only weekends.   However,  eventually they go back.  If a man lies about finances, lies about where he’s been, isn’t appreciative of the work his woman puts in to keep him happy, etc. we tend to show our frustration and anger, but 9 times out of 10, we stay.

Let’s reverse this concept a bit.  When a woman cheats, it is the end of the world! Men can run the streets and lie to our faces about it on a daily basis, yet the second they gets a taste of their own medicine it’s over! Why can’t men forgive like women? Why is there such a double standard in relationships?

This never made sense to me.  I’ve dated men that did some terrible, unforgivable things and like a fool, I’ve forgiven them and taken them back because “this time” was always the time I’d see a change.  Lol, yeah ok!

What if women adopted the same cutthroat mentality as men and didn’t forgive as much?  What would the world be like?

To the men out there, why are you so slow to forgive?  Or, are you the exception and forgive more than the average?  I’d love to hear from you!

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