Why Does Kim Kardashian’s Vagina Bother So Many People?

Photographer: Jean-Paul Goude

Photographer: Jean-Paul Goude



I like to push the envelope on my site.  I talk about touchy topics, I post nude photos and like to cuss.  However, I also like to bring a balance to my world and highlight accomplishments and success stories featuring a variety of people.  In a nutshell, I have no boundaries.  Why can’t the world operate similarly?  Recently, you may have seen Paper Mag’s latest issue which features Kim Kardashian.  Do people really care about what the interview was about? Nope.  Do people care that she acknowledges she’s famous because of social media? Nope.  Do people even care about how she admits that she and her family couldn’t enjoy the pumpkin patch because of paparazzi?  Nope, nope and nope.



Photographer: Jean-Paul Goude

Photographer: Jean-Paul Goude



She’s not iconic because of solid accomplishments; the world has made her iconic because they care so much about this chic’s vagina!  She made it to mainstream because of her infamous sex tape with singer Ray J…something to brag about?  Not at all.  Something to be proud of? Not at all!  But, the reality is, the world has allowed her to enjoy fame and money because they watch Keeping Up With The Kardashians, they buy Kardashian Kollection clothes, they follow her on social media…they HATE TO LOVE HER!  So, in some ways, one could argue that as dumb as she appears, she’s actually genius because she’s making millions off of being recognized.


Either way you look at it, we’ve all built this monster.  We’ve fed into the trap!  Now that she gives the world what they’ve already seen, but in a “planned” format and post baby North, we care?  Big deal.  She showed her breasts and her vagina…is the world going to end because of it?  No.  Other countries sell cigarettes and drinks via nude advertisements, so this isn’t something that hasn’t already been done before.  For the parents out there, explain to your children what’s wrong with posing nude (if you see an issue with it), for conservatives, walk away or turn in the other direction.  I give a big “LOL” to this article and the photos because the magazine is getting exactly what they wanted…views, social media frenzy and recognition…once again, another monster is budding.





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