MTV Reality Star, Diem, Dies at 32


The news of Diem Brown passing away at such a young age is horribly sad.  For those who aren’t familiar,  Diem was a regular cast member on MTV’s Challenge series.  She revealed on the show years ago that she was battling cancer and was very open about sharing her struggle with the world.  Viewers had the honor of witnessing Diem removing her wig for the world to see her balding head.

Diem was in amazing shape,  fought hard and was very passionate,  especially when it came to her true love,  CT, also a cast member.   She was diagnosed with cancer once again after collapsing during the taping of the latest Challenge installment.    Within months,  she lost the real battle.   Last night, family rushed to her bedside and prayed with her as she took her last breathe.  


I pray she passed with peace and is now free of pain.  

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