Are You Sacrificing Your Brand?

The word “brand” is thrown around a lot, especially if there is something at stake.  However, at times I feel like it’s such a common term that its importance gets lost in translation and not enough people treat it with care.  For me, brand recognition is major!  I see logos and names and images that are associated with huge companies like Nike, Pepsi, Sony, even Target, and I realize how much success can come when a consumer recognizes you! Keeping this in mind, how do you know if a business move will help or hurt your brand?  I haven’t started mass branding my logo yet (shirts, bags, business cards, etc.), but when I do, I’ll be careful where I attach myself.  For example, I won’t want to put my logo in the NRA monthly news letter, but I may want to buy some ad space with VIBE Magazine.   Here are a few things that I will look for:

1. Does it represent DANItheDreamgirl in the best light?

2. Will I be reaching out to my target demographic?

3.  Will I see a return on my investment (followers, hits, etc.)

What things do you keep in mind when attaching your brand to things?

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