Meek Mill vs Kendrick Lamar: Is It Beef or Dangerous Waters?



Most people can appreciate a good Hip-Hop rivalry.  With some rappers turning to mainstream styles of music, it’s easy to feel like the Hip-Hop culture isn’t what it used to be.  Then there are rappers who remind everyone that Hip-Hop is still alive and their passion for wanting to be the greatest, turns into true rap beef.  Recently, rapper Kendrick Lamar has been catching some heat for stirring the pot with his “Control” verse that called out some pretty famed artists such as Drake, J. Cole, Wale and Meek Mill, to name a few.  In response, Meek Mill stayed true to his Philly bad boy persona and fired back in his new single, Ooh Kill em:

Man you claiming you the king of New York
What the f–k wrong with you n–ga, step back

Hundred shots, aim straight at your snap cap
Everybody want the crown so I snatch that

Heard your gun go doo-dooo-dooo
Well my gun go blap-blap-blap-blap

What the f–k I gotta whisper to n-ggas
To earn my respect just to get to these n–gas

Go Ether, Takeover or Jigga on n-ggas I really go 2Pac and Biggie on n–gas
What the f-ck wrong with him
Like really I’m sick of you n–gas

You’ve been in the game like a year and some change
And you feeling yourself so I’m killing these n–gas like…

What was Kendrick’s response?  Well, let’s just say he used a recent performance in Brooklyn, NY as his opportunity to set Meek straight:

I been doing this shit for years. I mastered this sh!t.
I have no time for irrelevant n—as [or] new n—as.
There’s one n—a in particular that needs to realize that there’s ‘levels’ to this sh!t.

The drama spilled over to Twitter and let’s just say…things are heating up.  I hope the beef stays as beef and not violent.  We all know the reality of how wrong things could go.

Rap Beef…How Will This End? Meek Mill vs. Cassidy

If you aren’t aware of the beef between two of Philly’s own hip-hop artists, Meek Mill and Cassidy, well then that just means you found a nice cozy rock to call your home and slid up under it for a long time.  Although beef within the hip-hop world can be a source of entertainment, we all know that it can become serious and no longer about the music.  In my opinion, Meek Mill needs to fall all the way back!  He’s talented, but should be more careful of who he disrespects, especially those who have paved the way for Philly artists to be recognized.  I’ll let you be the judge, but here is Meek Mill’s latest diss track to Cassidy, “Repo” and just to show you how serious it’s getting, here are the photos that he released along with the track (way too far).  I also included Cassidy’s diss track, “Me, Myself & iPhone”.

Mock funeral program for Cassidy, Source: Instagram

Mock funeral program for Cassidy, Source: Instagram

Mock funeral service for Cassidy, Source: Instagram

Mock funeral service for Cassidy, Source: Instagram

Cassidy Diss Track, “Me, Myself & iPhone”