Would You Take Someone Back After Being Cheated On?

Robin Thicke's Album Release Party

I know,  I know…who really cares about Robin Thicke and Paula Patton separating after 20 years of being together?  I do!  I really, really do!  I don’t know them, but given their celebrity status, we all get to see their marriage falling apart due to infidelity.  But, instead of JUST focusing on Robin and Paula, I’ll speak on a broader level.

Cheating isn’t an easy thing to get over, but there are some men and women who forgive indiscretions; I’ve done it before.  Does being in the public eye change anything?  No matter what, it’s hard!  I can only imagine what it would be like to be cheated on by a spouse; that has to feel like the ultimate betrayal.  I pray that Robin Thicke and Paula Patton can find their way back to one another and work through their issues.  However, knowing what it’s like to try and rebuild trust, it won’t be easy.  Would you take someone back after being cheated on?

While you think on that last question, check out a snippet from Robin Thicke’s performance at the Patriot Center in Fairfax, VA.  He sweetly dedicates his Lost Without You performance to Paula and openly admits that he is “trying to get his girl back!”

Toni Braxton Thinks Her Divorce Was “Very Caucasian”


As I was watching the Bethenny show today, I heard some fairly disturbing comments from none other than Toni Braxton.  After she spoke on certain issues like her divorce and being a pet owner, my eyebrows were in a permanent “up” position.  So, Toni starts discussing her divorce and living in LA and then tells everyone that she and her ex-husband get along and they are “very Caucasian….very white about it.”  She described her divorce as a “white divorce” because they are able to still be friends.  What in the world is she even talking about?  Not sure that was the best way for her to describe her failed marriage to the world.  Toni also describes her pet ownership as something new since white people have been doing it for years…they take their dogs hiking and running.  I know plenty of black people who run with their dogs by the way…ugh, her appearance on today’s show was just really annoying and ignorant.  However, what does it say about how she values the black family, especially when her entire family has a reality television show for millions to watch every week?  That’s another topic for another day.