So, Are You Racist or Naw?

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If there’s one thing many of us may be able to agree on, it’s that there is a certain tension in the air.  Let’s face it, our glorious president (stated with much sarcasm) has managed to take his tiny hands, reach right into the backs of sleeping racists, and wind them up for activation.  The crazy part of this is that many of these wound-up zombies don’t even realize that hate lives within them. Continue reading


Memorial Day 2013!

Source: National Harbor

Source: National Harbor

It’s hard for me to say, “Happy Memorial Day” because today we celebrate our soldiers who are fighting for our country and those who have lost the battle!  To my friends that are overseas, I can’t wait until you are home and on American soil.  Also, I pray that my friends who have loved ones at war find comfort and peace in knowing that God will take care of them.