What Have My 30’s Taught Me So Far?

Let’s see, how can I explain this?  I feel as if there has been a secret society this whole time and I just got invited to join.  It’s as if a weird sense of enlightenment has come over me.  I have more drive, more clarity and more guts!  Dreams that I have always looked at as far into my future, are closer than ever before and I can taste a change coming.  I look around and see so many people living a day to day routine, just like a robot and I find myself silently screaming at them like, “WAKE UP! DON’T YOU REALIZE HOW BORING YOUR LIFE IS?!”

Furthermore, I see sprinkles of other people around me who are getting the same itch to scream at the robots.  I’m uncertain of what’s specifically happening, but it’s true what they say about how everything changes in your 30’s.  If you jumped from your 20’s to your 30’s and felt nothing, I’m almost convinced that you’re missing a queue.  Maybe a big life change needs to happen in order for you to jump out of your monotony.

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