You Can Use Your Power for Good or for Evil! -B.B.M.

Welcome to another segment of Become a Blogger Mondays!  As a writer, a lot of power falls within our grasp.  People can talk as much as they want, but putting something into print or into the cyber world holds weight.  An imprint is left and can be accessible to billions in a matter of seconds.  With that said, there comes a time when you must make a decision and choose to use this power for good or for evil.  Example, I recently went through a situation where I lent someone money (mistake number one).  I was promised a return that same weekend, so I took their word for it and was optimistic that this person would not let me down (mistake number two).  Well, it’s been almost three weeks and this person has managed to disappear into the abyss somewhere lol.  I could easily do a post where I reveal this person’s identity and include a photo (which I contemplated) only to embarrass the heck out of them, but I chose to hold off on that idea and take the high road (for now…Jesus take the wheel!).  So, if you see a mention of this said person on my site again, it will be because I still haven’t received my money and I have climbed over the fence, cleared the barbwire and landed on the evil side of the cyber world.

If you had a choice, what would you use your power for…good or evil?

Daniella Sig

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