They Want ME? Yes, They Do!

Bloggers have different goals for their sites.  Some do it just for the fun of it and others use it as an outlet to branch into other things like: blogging for other sites, to make money, to build their brand, etc.  I, myself, am open to any and every door that opens up for  With that said, I’m blessed to be able to say that I’m taking major steps in the right direction!  I’m officially part of a growing team at  They are a brand new site that is launching this winter and will be a great resource for EVERYTHING MUSIC!  You’ll be able to get information on current events within the music world, updates on new music and it will also be an amazing tool for all music artists.  Up-and-coming artists, or established ones, will be able to promote their projects and their skills with MuzikTalk and of course, I will be one of the selected bloggers bringing you interviews and highlights from around the music industry.  My main focus will be to cover the genre of R&B, but if you know someone who is looking to break into the industry (within any genre), send them my way!

If you would like to submit information/tracks from your current or upcoming project(s), email and become part of a community that is going to help promote you!

This is an amazing opportunity and I’m definitely looking forward to this new piece of my journey!  My dreams are becoming a reality; I hope you are all paying attention!

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