Is My Friend Always Going to be Shipwrecked on Fabulous Island?!?!

It’s a new year everyone…WELCOME, 2012!  With only a few more entries to go, I am continuing my series on inspirational surroundings and next up is….(drum roll please) the most successful multi-tasker that I know.  She can light a fire under anyone’s butt and motivate them to DO SOMETHING!  If you are struggling with finding a purpose in life, getting started on a goal (big or small) or simply need some encouraging words to help you step out on faith, this woman is who you want to read about!  She’s an everyday, down to earth, kind-hearted being that just about anyone can relate to.

I could write and entire novel each month and there still wouldn’t be enough pages to describe the talent, passion, creativity, drive and integrity of someone who I’m honored to not only call my friend, but one of the coolest craft-masters out there!  That’s right, she goes by the name, Tabby, and is able to juggle being a mom, wife, event planner, blogger ( crafter, teacher, and still goes to work at her “9-5”.  She is co-founder of Embellished Affairs (; an amazing event planning company that specializes in making any and every event FABULOUS beyond belief.  If you’ve experienced an event that Tabby has had her hand in, you will always recognize her signature work and love it!

Her creativity is believed to be a genetic trait that both her mother and father can take credit for.  Behind her father’s cold exterior, “he disguises his amazing artistic talent…” and her mother has always been “the crafty mom involved in everything from the Youth Ministry at church to the neighborhood mom.”  In her words, “if my creativity isn’t genetic it was definitely nurtured by BOTH of my parental units!”  She’s gotten the best of both worlds and she’s become a “calculated perfectionist who keeps it fun and sparkly.”  She defines creativity as:

…Allowing one’s internal cheerleader to embrace one’s internal weirdo…it is often a self-celebration for doing something out of “the norm.” Sometimes you have to listen for the whispering voice in your head that says, “you can do this”…like Nemo, just keep swimming to see it through.

If you need a place to visit to learn her tips, step by step instructions and everything fabulosity, take a look at her site  It is her “personal online sanctuary where [she] can be as nerdy, eccentric, dramatic and moody as [she] wants.  It’s [her] place to revel in all things pretty, crafty, family and fabulous.”  Is there anything that she doesn’t do?  HMMMM, probably not!

Tabby gets an idea and runs with it; her hands are like a surgeon’s on fabulous crack (yes, I said crack)!  I got the opportunity to attend her daughter’s 5 year old Minnie Mouse theme Birthday party and it was BOW-rrific!

 Hand-made bows on headbands as party favors!


A Bow-Bar!  Every little girl’s fantasy…they were there for the taking!


She adds something special to all of her events and again, her fabulous touch can always be seen and felt!

Amazing display of the reception cards!


“Tasty” and beautiful candy shop for a kid’s event!


Added elegance to hand fans!


Indian wedding…they do it all!


Zion’s 4th Birthday Candy Bar (I know, I put 2 candy bars on display, but I love candy…)!

Tabby and her business partner, Sheena, successfully came up with a business model that worked for them after realizing that they “were the event planner for their respective circle of friends, family members and clients.”  They identified their target audience (everyone) and “stepped out on faith to execute successful events one detail at a time.” A key in gaining traction was their decision to “undercut market rates to build [their] reputation.”  They worked “twice as hard to prove themselves” and smartly left lasting impressions on every person that they met along the way, i.e. vendors, clients, family of clients, etc.  Embellished Affairs received’s Brides’ Choice Award every year since its inception!  For your next milestone celebration, contact Embellished Affairs at:

I wonder how she manages to juggle it all so successfully!  She keeps her favorite biblical verse close to her heart 24/7:

1 COR 16:14 “Be on guard. Stand true to what you believe. Be courageous. Be strong. And everything you do must be done with love.” I do what I love…I do family time. I do event planning. I do blogging. I do crafting. I do PTO. I do Sunday School teaching. I do singing. I do baking. I do photography. Sometimes I feel like I do it all and, one day, it might kill me. Then I remember I do it all in love and somehow I live to see another day.

To say that she is an amazing mother would be an understatement!  In fact, her family IS her motivation and they are like her own personal fan club! Her husband, Brian, believes that “there is nothing she can’t do and his confidence in her pushes her to do better.”  Her daughter, Zion, is so amazing and imaginative that she naturally keeps Tabby “on her toes.”  One thing I love is that she lets Zion in on the fun and action of creation during their at-home craft sessions!  Whether Zion is a model, the creator or simply the person that she is creating for, she’s ALWAYS included!

If you think she does it all, you’re right!  Women who want to be much more than just a wife or mom, but rather an independent and strong female who can also keep God and her family at the center of everything can relate to her!  I could go on for days, but instead I leave you with something that motivates me, but comes from Tabby’s mind.  What’s her God-given purpose on earth?  Check it out:

I take every day as an opportunity to have a new God-given purpose…I know my ultimate purpose is to bring others to Him through influential service. I would, however, be remiss if I didn’t speak to my passion to redefine the importance of family in our society…My immediate reward is the happiness of my family but my heart is warmed when I read notes of encouragement and inspiration from mothers and fathers everyday…They make my hot glue burns all worth it!


  1. Thanks, again, for the awesome write-up. I’m one of many just trying to make sure my children’s children can be proud of my legacy… Many blessings to you on your journey to self-perfection 🙂

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