Dirty 30 Club!


Yup, that’s right…it’s here…like totally HERE!  I’m QUEEN for a day and I must say, it feels good.  As you all know, I’ve been in panic mode and freaking out about turning 30.  However, now that my birthday is here, well…it’s not all that bad.  I spent an amazing weekend in Miami with family to celebrate…I’m fabulous, I’m driven, I’m READY! So, I’ve been asking around and some have offered insight as to what happens in the Dirty 30 Club.  I mean, do I get free drinks?  Is it free for me and all of my guests?  Do I get to pop bottles?  What happens?  Here is what I was told:

-Now that you’re 30, it’s time to say f*ck the bullsh!t

-30’s are the best time of your life!

-30 is when you really start living

-It’s when you say, “I’m comfortable with my body, I love where I’m at…”

-30’s are when your sex drive goes up (lol)

So, if this is what I’m in for…heeeey I’m gooooooood!  Happy Birthday to MEEEE!!!  It’s time to look towards my future!

DaniellaShoot 255