Blogging Tips!


Don’t know what you’re doing?


Need tips on how to start a blog? 


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Check out my series, Become a Blogger Mondays, and get lots of great tips and advice! If you have questions, just ask!


  1. Getting relief and becoming less stressed feels good and I’m glad your getting your grove back. People in life have a way of trying to keep you down, because of not knowing their direction yet, that’s when we have to step out on Faith so The Lord’s ,Grace and Mercy will ring through. It’s nice to have a Sense of Belonging, Confidence of Self Worth, and a Sense of Need and To have a Personal Relationship with the Living Christ our Lord, Holy Ghost and Spirit, Repent with a Humble Heart stay Strong in the Eyes of God you will reap your Harvest. God Bless You W S-D

  2. I love it! Its amazing to think of all the energy you put into someone that doesn’t deserve it. The best things about life are the lessons we learn from our experiences. They mold us into better people. I’m blessed to have you in my life while I getting my heart back in shape! Love ya!

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