The Perfect Virginia Secret! My Love for Orlean Market!




Normally, I want my birthdays to be filled with music, partying, drinking, and dancing.  My 33rd birthday celebration was all of this, minus the crowded, stuffy club and a room full of strangers.  After a long and stressful year, I wanted total relaxation and a room full of my best gals. 

I got wind of the perfect place to retreat.  It started with a phone call to an old college friend that owns one of the best hidden secrets in Virginia.   I told my girls what I wanted to do and they were all for it. We packed in the car, danced to our favorite throwback jams on the road and laughed so hard at all the crazy girl talk along the way.  My birthday at Orlean Market was probably one of the best I’ve had in a long time.

I trusted the restaurant to select all of the food and wine pairings for my group and everything was amazing!  We started with a delicious cheese platter.



Then we moved onto a fresh salad and jambalaya.






We devoured the main course, which included the best red meat I’ve had this year, and mashed potatoes.



Each course was perfectly paired with local reds and whites!

Finally, the dessert was a sweet and tangy lime tart paired with champagne.



Orlean Market will be our new getaway this summer and it’s a great way to reconnect with those you love. We settled into a nice, private area and did nothing but laugh and eat amazing food. The service was impeccable and I must say, I stepped out of my comfort zone this year and I’m so happy I did!  If you have the chance, visit Orlean Market and you won’t be disappointed.

Me and the Awesome Kia

Me and the Awesome Kia

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