MAC Attack: No…Blush You!

As my Mac Attack series starts to wind down, there are a few things I still want to
touch on for those newbie makeup lovers such as myself. One of the most important and fun discoveries that I’ve made is the power of my blush!

In the summer time, blush gives me the ultimate glow and in the winter time, it helps me to not look so pale…blush really makes a difference!

Like my lipstick, blush gives me that final umph that I need to twirl through my day with confidence.   The MAC blush that I use is Peachykeen.

This gives me the perfect, soft shimmer on my cheeks, I can use it during any season and it really compliments my complexion.  Here’s a split view of my natural face (which I love) and my face with blush, lipgloss, nude eyeshadow and tinted moisturizer under my eyes. Nothing major, but a subtle glow.


Now, go! Find your perfect blush and begin shimmering through your day!

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