Tiny Admits to Getting Eye Implant Surgery


Source: Google Images

Growing up,  I always wanted light eyes because to me, that was the epitome of pretty! As I grew up into adulthood,  I realized that was just a superficial desire on my part.  So, you can imagine how my jaw dropped when I was on the couch late at night watching Tiny (wife of rapper T.I. and former Xscape singer) explain how she got eye implant surgery in Africa!

She always had darker eyes and now she has cool gray eyes.  They acutally had to cut her eyeball open and place a cool gray implant inside of her eyeball!  She had the procedure done in Africa because it is not approved in the states.


Source: Google Images

It is really sad to see a beautiful woman go through so many senseless surgeries in order to look a certain way.  If you’re not aware, Tiny has admitted to having her butt done to appear bigger; let’s not get stared in those lips and that face…can we say, BOTOX?

Be beautiful in your own skin.  Set a healthy example for these young girls out here!

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