Sons of Anarchy Moment of Truth…


Ok, so it may seem a bit psycho to believe that a show can enlighten a person’s inner demons, but I’m here to tell you it’s true.  Ever have those moments when you know you are moving through a weird phase in your life, but you can’t pin point the exact emotion(s) you feel?  I had an epiphany after watching the season 6 finale of Sons of Anarchy.  I felt betrayed, disappointed, but most of all sad.  This is a spoiler alert, so if you haven’t seen it yet you may want to exit out of this post.


Throughout the entire series, we’ve seen this love rollercoaster between Jax and Tara.  They have killed together, fought, made a baby, got married, walked away, came back, and much more.  By season 6, they had drifted apart and lost their way.  Two worlds that no longer mixed together had to find their way back.  There was a struggle between the violent, unforgiving world that Jax lived in and the honest, loving world that Tara wanted to raise their children in.  After years of ups and downs, love and turmoil, and then finally making peace and finding their way back into each other’s heart, the unthinkable happens when Tara was killed by her own mother-in-law.  In that moment I cried because Jax and Tara had worked so hard to make a mends and to openly prove their unconditional and irreversible connection.


What does this have to do with me? Well, it made me think…is this really what life is?  You work so hard, you fight for what you love, you never give up and in the end you get dealt the worst of it all.  For all the things that we do bad in life, do they really come back to us as karma, even if at our core we are good people?  I believe that the answer is, yes.  Every single thing that we do, every decision that we make, every person that we invite into our atmosphere will come back to us.  No matter how much happiness we find with one person, the other people that we’ve brought harm or pain will not be forgotten or overlooked.  So, yeah…it may just be a show, but the moral compass is set in the perfect direction.  Good job Kurt Sutter!

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