Black vs. Every Other Race…Don’t Think So


The accumulation of an entire trial that played out in front of the world is beginning to make this country burst at the seams.  Why are so many people angry? Why are they hurting?  No matter how enraged someone may be feeling at this very moment, one thing is for sure…a young man will never live to see another day or do something great for his country.  A young man was denied the right to live out his life and experience all of the wonderful things that life DOES have to offer.  There are two parents who will never be able to teach their son or watch him grow up or laugh and joke with him…that is the real tragedy that unfolds.

Am I upset? I’m not sure.  No one should be able to walk away from killing someone in a cold blooded fashion and not have any price to pay.  I do not believe that self defense was why Zimmerman shot Trayvon.  However, I don’t think we will ever know the full truth of what happened the day that 17 year old, Trayvon Martin, was killed.  We will never know if he played a role in his own demise.  We will NEVER know.  But what we do know is that he won’t ever get the chance to tell his side of the story.

This case has divided the country even further.  We, as a black race, have suffered and endured for many years.  But, this isn’t the time to further thicken the racial divide; this is a time to completely make a change.  Let this be a lesson that we MUST be better.  We MUST stand for something.  We MUST search for understanding and allow the healing process to begin.  I don’t think this was a sole attack on the entire race, but I do know that something is severely wrong  with the United States judicial system.  It is supposed to protect and bring JUSTICE, but it far too often allows the guilty to walk away with no sense of responsibility.  How are we to trust a system that allows a murderer to walk away with blood on his hands?

I have no clue if Trayvon Martin was guilty of anything that awful day, but I pray that he is resting in peace while the world he used to live in is about to explode.  May his family find the peace and the strength to move forward.  If justice wasn’t served in the courtroom, they should know that GOD will make sure that the ultimate justice will be served.  Their son’s killer may be free from spending time in jail, but he will never be free among the human race.

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