Are You Gifted Enough to Start Your Own Business?

I have several friends and acquaintances whom are looking to start their own business.  They want to supply everything from clothing to jewelry and even offer services such as hair, make-up, etc.  I, myself, have never been too big on starting a business, but I’ve always wondered how someone might embark on such a journey.  I came across a hilarious YouTube channel, NeeziieBabiie143 (,  and for some reason could not stop watching this tiny little thing talk about how to get a bigger butt or what’s wrong with some men (haha).  It was entertaining to say the least!  At any rate, I did some digging and found out that her name is Parneet Kaur and she has her own jewelry line, Pure Karats, (I already brought some fab earrings).

She also has her very own threading salon in Sacramento, CA, Threaded Beauty, where she turns her clients from meek to chic.  Just knowing this, I knew she’d be a great person to gather some start-up business information from and to also share what she’s experienced on her journey thus far.  She’s worked with top selling music groups and artists such as Bruno Mars; Parneet must be doing something right!  I’m trying to stress the fact that all it takes is a dream in mind and the drive to make it happen! Check out what tips she has to offer those of you looking to tap into your entrepreneurial spirit (see the bottom of this article for information about her company and jewelry line):

Where are you originally from?

I am from Sacramento, California. Trying to put us on the map! So much talent out here, but for some reason we as a city don’t support each other like we should!! Trying to change that!! : )


22 years YOUNG!!

What inspired you to create a jewelry line?

Honestly, I love looking Glam and Fab, jewelry was a perfect way to offer that to all the women out there that want to feel the same way. I want women to feel comfortable in their own skin and accessories can do just that. With make-up we cover up imperfections, but jewelry only adds to US!!…Jewelry is just a way to build my brand PARNEET KAUR INC. I have a corporation and everything falls under that.  Working on “Pure Kosmetics” and soon a clothing line “Pure Klothing”  (S/o to Ms. Nessa creator of Rich Girlz jewelry that is killin the game with all her stuff on VH1 and MTV, my biggest mentor/inspiration).

How much success are you seeing from this venture?

I am gaining so much attention and just confidence to move onto other projects that will give men and women other options to look glam and fab in their own skin and allow them to step out of their comfort zones.  My Pure Karats jewelry has been styled on “The Charlies” who are with ten #1 singles, three chart-topping albums, a best-selling book, a hit reality TV show in Iceland, and having worked with producers such as Bruno Mars, Cee-lo, and much more, Sacramento Fashion week, on our local news station KCRA 3, and in a bunch of local clothing brand photo shoots. I would say PURE KARATS is starting off on the right track. I started this business at the end of December 2011. Pretty new.

How is your salon doing?

The traffic is more than I expected honestly. I was trying to stay on a local level just to gain experience, but I am getting traffic/attention from around the US which is amazing. I currently only have my jewelry online, but I do own a threading salon , Threaded Beauty, as well in Sacramento, CA that I want to expand to different areas. I will have more products in the near future. (Make-up, Skin Care, and Clothing). You can find all this in on my website

What sort of struggles have you faced along the way?

Struggles that I have faced are HATERS!!! “Who does she think she is” “She hella ugly” “B!tch” blah blah blah. Every business has it’s start-up struggles. It’s not easy, but that’s nothing hard work can’t fix, but what could get to someone the most is the haters. I say f*ck the haters because at the end of the day haters don’t really hate you, they hate themselves cause you’re a reflection of what they wish to be. Straight up. All you can do to succeed is stay true to yourself and stick to what you want.  : )

What advice can you offer those looking to become an entrepreneur in this industry?

One key piece of advice that I can offer is that if you really want success you have to wake-up and go to sleep with that “WANT” everyday until you achieve it and even then you should still strive for more. You can’t want to have a successful business one day and not the next. THINK like you’re always broke and want success, BAD!! Trust me you’ll get it : )

What’s your ultimate goal?

My ultimate life goal is to be remembered for the things that I have done for others. I want to leave a mark in peoples life. Whether it was making someone feel good when they put my jewelry on or giving them a good laugh with my YOUTUBE videos. I just want to be remembered and live a fulfilling life because we do only live once and I want to take all the opportunities I have in life to make something of myself. I am currently writing a book as well titled, “The Men that Made me.” This is being written to share my experience with men and to give women an outlet to understand that they’re not alone in a lot of the stuff they go through in relationships.

What do you think is your God-given purpose in life?

I think my God-given purpose in life is to give to others in any form that is helpful. I’ve always been that person that has looked out for others and am very giving, so being able to share and give people things that can make them happy and maybe even guide them in positive directions is very fulfilling to me.

What’s something funny/quirky that people may not know about you?

Me and my best friend don’t ever sing songs all the way we just sing the damn add libs.. Ex: Trey Songz… all his oooooooos and aaaaaaah lmao just imagine us walking into a store and all you hear is funny ass noises. Yeh that’s us!! lmao I freakin laugh at everything… lol

No matter what your talent/trade, ANYTHING is possible!  Adopt the mentality that you can do whatever you put your mind to and the rest will fall into place.  It’s only a matter of time before you break into your industry of choice and show the world what you have to offer!  Thanks for visiting my Dreamworld!

To check out/purchase some of Parneet’s jewelry, click below:

Threaded Beauty

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