Is This Bad Girl Really All That Bad?

We get to see glimpses, no matter how real or scripted, into the lives of young individuals on television.  Sometimes a  reality star may even stand out to me and I can see past the glitz and glamor of the role they’re dubbed to represent.  Elease Donovan is no exception!  Maybe it was that she spoke with a little more sense than the rest of her cast or maybe it was her smoking hot looks, but whatever the reason, I reached out to her!  I wanted to get an idea of what Season 8 of The Bad Girls Club couldn’t capture with this aspiring entrepreneur.  Welcome, Elease…to the Dreamworld!

Often, we see a pretty face and think that’s where it stops.  Or we may even assume that this is their first go ’round within the industry.  Well, neither of these are true for Elease; she’s been in the industry for a while, gaining popularity and allowing her success to pave a path in the direction toward her ultimate passion for fashion.  She’s been featured in magazines such as King and XXL, with her latest dose of fame on Oxygen’s hit show, The Bad Girls Club.  Check out my short interview with Elease Donovan to learn about her love for fashion, how she was discovered and what new business ventures she’s diving into!

(Source:XXL feature)

1. What was your first big break in modeling/fashion?

My first big break in modeling was being spotted at the mall by a well known modeling agency here in Miami.  From there I was sent on castings and booked roles…

2. What keeps you motivated to follow your dream of being a big-time designer?

What keeps me motivated to follow my dream of being a big time designer is my mom.  My mom has always been a successful entrepreneur and one day I’d like for her to sit back, relax and not have to work anymore.

3. How has Bad Girls Club helped your career aspirations?

BGC has helped me with my career aspirations with worldwide recognition. As my fan base grows, worldwide, more and more people are able to see my swimwear line and are eager to buy it, along with other lines I will be coming out with.

4. What advice would you give to younger females trying to make it, just like you?

Advice I would give my fans is to keep working hard no matter what and you can be whatever you aspire to be. It might be hard at times but keep working and be patient.

5. What do you think is your God-given purpose in life?

To be the best I can be.

6. What advice would you offer the “younger Elease” knowing what you do about life and the business thus far?

Advice I have for the younger Elease is stay focused because it’s easy to get distracted at times.

7. How do you intend on making sure you remain unique and grounded through your journey?

How I intend on making sure I remain unique an grounded through my journey is just to be myself.  No matter how far I go I believe I will always remain humble and grounded.

Elease has launched a brand new swimwear line that you can check out at:

Thank you, Elease!  It’s always nice to know that we can keep dreaming!  She’s made, what most would sum up as just good looks, work for her.  She’s a business woman with a successful brand…brains and beauty are always a good combination!


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