It’s O.K. to Speak on It!!! (sometimes)

I will admit…I’m a bit of an emotional creature when it comes to expressing my feeeeeelings!  However, in my journey through life I am realizing that it’s O.K. to say what’s on my mind…I just have to realize that NOT everyone processes their feelings in the same way.  It can be somewhat of a “turnoff” to others (as I’ve been told by a certain Bostonian) to constantly want to say what’s on your mind.

I’ve learned this lesson so very often!  It’s not always necessary to SHOUT your thoughts to the highest rooftop!  Be easy and relaaaax (I hate when ppl tell me to do this lol) and be CONFIDENT that your friends and family will know deep down when they have done something to offend you.  It’s not always your job to “let em know!”

THOUGHT:  It’s been proven that a more calm approach to situations is way more effective.  When you begin to argue about everything, the focus starts to become your attitude as opposed to what you are really feeling!  And in return, NOTHING gets resolved.

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