So, Are You Racist or Naw?

Source: Google Images

If there’s one thing many of us may be able to agree on, it’s that there is a certain tension in the air.  Let’s face it, our glorious president (stated with much sarcasm) has managed to take his tiny hands, reach right into the backs of sleeping racists, and wind them up for activation.  The crazy part of this is that many of these wound-up zombies don’t even realize that hate lives within them.  You may find that some of your long-time friends have a certain confidence about them that didn’t seem to exist before.  Certain opinions which were once silent, are now shared out loud.  The entire world seems to be losing its mind and the one question that still needs to be answered by many of these dear “friends” is: Do you like black people?

Don’t believe me?  Just turn on any news station and look at the division.  People don’t know whether to kneel or stand, the folks that stand don’t like the people who kneel, people on islands are dying, yet there are many who really don’t care, white supremacists are running the streets like an episode of The Walking Dead.  Everywhere you turn, there is some form of craziness ensuing.  Facebook friends are now looked at with a side eye because you wonder if they spend their free time secretly cheering on Trump’s ‘Make America Great Again’ mantra.  You may even find yourself clicking into race baiting articles just to read the comments and receive the confirmation you already had that yes, racist people are still alive and well.

So, I guess it’s time for people to start answering the golden question once and for all.  Are you racist or naw?  In my eyes, the answer should be simple…either yes or no. You’re either on the right side or the wrong side of history.  I guess if you’re unsure, we can do a test together.  If the image in this post (above) turns your stomach then you’re probably racist.  If you blurt out racial slurs while watching NFL players kneel during the national anthem, yeah, you’re probably racist.  If you think the black and brown people of Puerto Rico or the US Virgin Islands shouldn’t get any help from our administration, yup…buddy, you may be racist (or just mean).

The good thing is (sort of), racism is taught, which means, ding ding ding, it can be untaught.  There is room for change.  People aren’t born hating one another based on the color of someone’s skin.  It’s time to have the tough conversations, ask the taboo questions, embrace honest and open dialogue, listen to the other side and really try to hear their point of view.  It seems like a hopeless effort, but deep down, everyone should hold onto a tiny piece of hope that this country will see better days.  America should be great for everyone.  Our flag should be a symbol of honor, pride, and freedom for all races.  We should naturally want to help those in need, regardless of what they look like or where they come from.  Let’s start today!


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