Baby News: Congrats To Taylor & Shumpert!

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Why I Have Newfound Respect for Rapper, Wale


Social media has been booming lately.  Between rapper, Meek Mill, going to jail and him dissing his fellow MMG mate, Wale.  I usually read about stuff like this to stay in the know about what’s happening in the entertainment business, but I typically don’t write about it. I feel all writing does is fuel a dangerous fire,  i.e. Tupac vs Biggie.

However,  I chose to highlight this particular “beef” story, not because of the hype,  but because I wanted to focus on how amazing I felt after reading Wale’s response. There is hope.

Long story short, Wale was called out for not supporting Meek’s upcoming album release via Twitter (so stupid) and was labeled as a “hater” and fake. Meek also went as far as saying Wale wasn’t “MMG”.   For a grown man to even feel the need to call another grown man out about something so childish,  makes you wonder how tight the screws are.   Now,  I’m from Philly (like Meek Mill) so I get the passion and sense of respect you have for those in your life.  People from Philly take things personal,  that’s just how we’re wired.   But,  when you begin to sell records internationally and make a name for yourself in this world, you must elevate your mind and behavior.

I believe all rappers and business-minded folks should take a page out of Wale’s notebook after reading his response to Meek Mill.  Here’s the classy Instagram snap back:


Few weeks ago. (7w) I posted this .but ok. Movin along . My Avi always changed when it’s THAT time .. Ok that’s not enough y’all see “razor ramon” post on his no. But I don’t care.. I wrote a long ass post day before his single dropped .. Mariah record dropped nobody said a word I didn’t care .. I still don’t… I carry myself with confidence and humility ., I always try to have a lighter side to MMG.. Cuz I understand I don’t “fit the mold” so if I’m tryna spruce an interview up to show that we not tryn be “serious tough guys” on the red carpet Or try to be a bit more engaging to broaden our audience forgive me . I never wanted anybody to think we take ourselves THAT serious. (Were rappers )I don’t need to take anybody shine.. Or hate on anybody . I walk in a completely different world .. Where I look for slp jeans and Shanghai dunks online and know what “kayfabe” means. I check daily . I’m on whatculture allll day I enjoy shyt like that. I play fuckin Zelda and fuck wit bitches who teach yoga and paint… I get it . I’m different . I always embrace that shyt.. I encourage y’all to embrace what y’all like or the person y’all wanna be.. I text niggas happy Father’s Day and get no reply .. I laugh it off .. I laugh at how I write songs about “chain music” and y’all get lost or “600benzz” i like to have fun with our culture. Because I beleive I add THAT to a “gangster rap” faction. I made my opportunity work for me that way. I write poems . I watch wwe . I collect kicks. I’m sensitive ok. Maybe bi polar. But one thjng I’m not is a hater.. I see Daquan jokes all day yesterday and patted myself on the back that I’m regarded as the aforementioned adjectives and not “Daquan”. I’m me and I’ll be me and do this shyt wit my “dew” till I don’t wanna do it. I encourage you to wake up soon as you find time. This was a post about #nothin”

Zendaya Casted in Aaliyah Movie


It’s been in the works for some years now, but the wheels are finally set in motion to begin filming an Aaliyah biopic.  There were a few speculations on which young lady would be granted the honor to portray the young, fallen star and the verdict has been set.  Disney star, Zendaya, will be featured in the upcoming film.


The challenge will be great, but I’m sure she will do the role much justice!

“On the Run” Trailer ft. Jay-Z and Beyoncé



Yes, yes yes…it’s true!  The two powerhouse artists came up with another genius decision by creating a trailer for their upcoming On the Run stadium tour.  Only these two seem to think of such out-of-the-box ideas that always seem to work.  The trailer is filled with top actors such as Sean Penn and Don Cheadle, but of course there’s usually a twist…the film is actually never being released (it’s a fake trailer).  BUT, if we know these two then we know that they may actually decide to release a film together.  I mean, the 3 minute plus snippet is pretty good!  Check it out:


*New Music* Jazmine Sullivan ft. Meek Mill, “Dumb”

Jazmine Sullivan


It has been a while since we’ve heard some new music from Jazmine Sullivan.  She finally released a new track, Dumb, which features Philly rapper, Meek Mill.  Check out the audio below and let us know what you think.



Did Dr. Dre Sell “Beats” to Apple?

Source: Google Images
Source: Google Images


Who would have thunk it?  Many, many moons ago, hip-hop was considered taboo in a lot of ways.  Other cultures didn’t understand, nor did they want to be open minded to the lyrical content and passion ensued in the up-and-coming genre.  Present day, the industry is being saved by hip-hop music (ironic, right?) and is being praised by all walks of life.  If you go to a rap concert, many times you’ll see that most of the attendees are white, not black.  This week, another gold star can be added to the hip-hop gods accomplishment list because Dr. Dre may have done the unthinkable.


Some years back, rapper Dr. Dre, started Beats Electronics and released the very popular Beats headphones.  Many celebrities and star athletes have adopted his brand and taken it to new heights by promoting customized headphones, diamond-studded headphones, or even their team colors and logo on headphones.  It is being rumored that Dr. Dre may have become the FIRST hip-hop billionaire by selling Beats for a reported $3.2 billion to Apple.  If this is true, he will hold the number 1 spot on the Forbes list of richest hip-hop artists, over Diddy.


When you start making business deals with Apple, it’s safe to say, “Momma, I made it!”  Congrats to Dr. Dre!  He can inspire us all to believe that ANYTHING is possible!

Jay-Z and Beyoncé May Be Checking “Stadium Tour” Off the Bucket List!

Source: Yosra El-Essawy/Chime for Change/Getty Images; Stadium: Hoberman Collection/UID/Getty Images
Source: Yosra El-Essawy/Chime for Change/Getty Images; Stadium: Hoberman Collection/UID/Getty Images


What more can this power couple do to expand their brand and increase their net worth?  That’s right!  Do a 20 city stadium tour that could possibly be record breaking.  I had the pleasure of attending Jay-Z and Justin Timberlake’s Legends of the Summer stadium tour in Philly.  It was AMAZING!  Well, fans may get the chance to experience great music and excitement once again if the rumors are true about Jay and Bey coming together for something epic.  Live Nation hasn’t confirmed any of the buzz yet, but there could be some truth to the rumor and if it goes down, I’ll be there!  More updates will be coming soon!

Beyoncé Speaks on Owning Her Sexuality in “Out”!


There is no beating around the bush when discussing Beyoncé’s highly sexual lyrics and videos (i.e., Partition) and she has no problem explaining why she doesn’t care what the critics say.  If we thought that she was on a feminist trip, we were right!

Beyoncé tells Out, “There is a double standard when it comes to sexuality that still persists.  Men are free and women are not.”


Many find it hard to accept this newfound female power since much of her career started with open expressions of faith, religion and her love for the Lord.  Is she crossing a boundary or is she simply showing the world that you can be who you want to be?

Beyoncé goes on to explain, “There is unbelievable power in ownership and women should own their sexuality.”

She also explains her support for the LGBT community:

I’m very happy if my words can ever inspire or empower someone who considers themselves an oppressed minority.


People may not like her new platform, but she’s showing everyone that anyone can have a voice and a chance to make a difference.  Her plan seems to be working because her latest album has certainly created the type of buzz she needs to get her message of equality and sexual power out to a nation.

The latest issue of Out will be on stands within the next month.

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