Ashlee Simpson Married to Diana Ross’ Son?

Was I the only one who didn’t know Ashlee Simpson (younger sister of Jessica Simpson) was married to Evan Ross (Diana Ross’ son…he also played T.I.’s younger brother in the movie ATL)?  I was living under a rock, apparently!  They tied the knot back in August and seem to be super happy, so congrats! Check out their social media love that I snooped out.





*Video* Kanye West Gives Powerful 4 Part Interview to BBC


300th Post: Summer Re-Cap

With the cold weather moving in far too early, I guess it’s a good time to wrap-up my summer and show you all some of the fun that I’ve been having.  I say it all the time, but I’ll say it again…I think music makes the world go ’round!  I didn’t quite have enough time to go away, but I managed to sneak in some fun when possible.  Between working and sifting through the many thoughts in my head about where I want to live in a year, it was MANDATORY to get in some dancing and friends/family time.  I will preface this re-cap with this statement: I spent time with the people that are nearest and dearest to my heart and people that I knew I could genuinely ENJOY myself with.  That’s so key!  So, if you take nothing else away from this post, remember that there is NO time for drama in this lifetime and so much time for daaaancing (lol)!

Keeping in line with the whole music idea, I was able to see some of my favorite artists this year.  I never posted about this (and I know this is a summer re-cap, but hold tight), but I got the chance to see DAVID GUETTA in concert (I even got media passes to go back stage)!  By far, one of the coolest and most amazing nights I’ve had at a concert.

David Guetta

David Guetta

David Guetta

David Guetta(That’s me!)

Fast forward past the Rihanna concert that I went to because I already posted about it right chereeeee!

I made and impulsive decision with my friend Talia and decided to take a road trip to my hometown, Philly, for the Jay-Z and Justin Timberlake Legends of the Summer tour.  It was super duper cool to attend an outdoor concert (since it was arena tour) with thousands of screaming fans.  Check it out!


Legends of the Summer

Legends of the SummerLegends of the Summer

Legends of the Summer

Legends of the Summer

Legends of the Summer

Legends of the Summer

Legends of the Summer

Had a freaking awesome time and had great seats (winning!)…to top the summer off I spent my Labor Day weekend in Philly again for Jay-Z’s Made in America Festival!  It was SO freaking hot outside, but I saw some great acts including: Solange, Beyoncé, Empire of the Sun, Calvin Harris, Kendrick Lamar, Wiz Khalifa, Dead Mouse and many more!

made in america

made in america

made in america

made in america

made in america

made in america

made in america

made in america(This was during the Beyoncé performance; it was so packed!)

Thanks for taking a peek at a few fun moments over the past several months!  I had a blast and will update you on my concert-going experiences after I attend the Beyoncé concert in December and the Magna Carta World Tour in January!!! WOOOO-HOOOO!!!

Meek Mill vs Kendrick Lamar: Is It Beef or Dangerous Waters?


Most people can appreciate a good Hip-Hop rivalry.  With some rappers turning to mainstream styles of music, it’s easy to feel like the Hip-Hop culture isn’t what it used to be.  Then there are rappers who remind everyone that Hip-Hop is still alive and their passion for wanting to be the greatest, turns into true rap beef.  Recently, rapper Kendrick Lamar has been catching some heat for stirring the pot with his “Control” verse that called out some pretty famed artists such as Drake, J. Cole, Wale and Meek Mill, to name a few.  In response, Meek Mill stayed true to his Philly bad boy persona and fired back in his new single, Ooh Kill em:

Man you claiming you the king of New York
What the f–k wrong with you n–ga, step back

Hundred shots, aim straight at your snap cap
Everybody want the crown so I snatch that

Heard your gun go doo-dooo-dooo
Well my gun go blap-blap-blap-blap

What the f–k I gotta whisper to n-ggas
To earn my respect just to get to these n–gas

Go Ether, Takeover or Jigga on n-ggas I really go 2Pac and Biggie on n–gas
What the f-ck wrong with him
Like really I’m sick of you n–gas

You’ve been in the game like a year and some change
And you feeling yourself so I’m killing these n–gas like…

What was Kendrick’s response?  Well, let’s just say he used a recent performance in Brooklyn, NY as his opportunity to set Meek straight:

I been doing this shit for years. I mastered this sh!t.
I have no time for irrelevant n—as [or] new n—as.
There’s one n—a in particular that needs to realize that there’s ‘levels’ to this sh!t.

The drama spilled over to Twitter and let’s just say…things are heating up.  I hope the beef stays as beef and not violent.  We all know the reality of how wrong things could go.

Jade Wilson is Proving Age is Nothing But a Number!

I feature a lot of people on DaniTheDreamgirl, all pursuing some form of passion.  This next feature is no exception!  When the opportunity came along to interview Jade Wilson, I had no doubts that she would be great for the Dreamworld!  Jade is a spunky teenager with a whole lot of positive energy and love to spread across the world.  This 13 year old has an immense amount of passion not only for music, but also for some fairly important world issues such as human trafficking and bullying.  Jade began singing at the age of 7 when she started memorizing the lyrics to her favorite songs; now she’s a YouTube sensation!  Check out what she shares about her career, her journey thus far and what it’s like to be a young person with a purpose:

jade wilson

On your road to success, what’s the biggest thing that has happened to you so far?

So far meeting all my fans, being able to perform on the anti-bullying campaign concerts. I feel really fulfilled doing this kind of work.

How does it feel to know that so many people are watching you via social media?

It‘s not as scary as it looks and sounds,  I still talk to everyone like normal–even though they treat me like I’m some rockstar! The truth is, I still feel like a regular kid…same old me.

How do you handle criticism that you may receive via social media?

Since you only live once (YOLO) it makes me want to do better and move on. I take constructive criticism well, I scrap the other stuff.

At your age, your voice is still changing, how do you handle/overcome that hurdle?

I have been doing work with vocal coaches and participating in artist development programs in Atlanta. So this has been helping me learn my vocal range and how to deal with any vocal changes that may come about.

What artists do you look up to and why?

Nicki Minaj, because she’s so unique to me and colorful. I also adore some of the greats, like Aretha Franklin and Gladys Knight.

Was “Don’t Give Up” inspired by real-life events?

When I read the lyrics, I immediately connected to it, because I want to be the voice for those who have been bullied and give them courage. Hearing it from a peer, I think my age group will accept my message to stand up and don’t give up.

I know that you are taking part in advocating against and building awareness for major issues such as Human Trafficking and bullying. Does it add any pressure to know that you are speaking up about some pretty big issues going on in the world?

Yes, especially when people look up to me and I can inspire them to do something better or join the cause. I actually cried the first time I heard about this issue and the problems associated with this dreadful activity. But just to be able to help in anyway and bring awareness to this makes me feel better than any pressure.

What specifically are you doing to help combat about these issues and when were you first moved to take a stand?

Starting with the positive messages in my songs, participating in programs aimed at informing the youth at places like the boys and girls club. Also speaking with as many radios, blogs (like yours) and events to bring mainstream awareness.

What upcoming projects do you have in the works?

We have been recording my first album, and my label (RFMAP in Atlanta) is working on putting together an Anti-bullying campaign radio tour, starting with my single,   “Don’t give up.” Also I will be working with a lot of influential people and filming a reality show with the hopes of reaching even more people.

How can fans support you on your journey?

As always, follow me on YouTube, Twitter (@realjadewilson), Facebook and Instagram (shrimpling). We also have signature merchandise that everyone can buy (my “Swerg” t-shirt is a top seller right now). Also we are going to start a crowd funding campaign that my fans can pledge to help me advance on my journey.

jade wilson

*New Music* Big Sean ft. Miguel “Ashley”


This is a deep track; good job fellas!  Ladies, we all know we’ve had at least one love that went wrong and would give the world to hear them be this honest!  Enjoy and you’re welcome!

*New Music* Janelle Monáe ft. Miguel “Primetime”

Do the Kardashian’s Represent the New ‘American Dream’?

A few days ago, Kris Jenner addressed some comments that President Obama made about her daughter Kim Kardashian and Kanye West.  In an interview with Amazon, the President said:

The American Dream involved some pretty basic stuff. A home you could call your own. A good job where you felt some security. A good education, and the ability to get a higher education if you wanted to pursue it. People felt if they worked hard they could get there. I don’t think people went around saying to themselves, ‘I need to have a 10,000-square-foot house’. I think, there has also been a shift in culture. We weren’t exposed to the things we didn’t have in the same way that kids these days are.

There was not that window into the lifestyles of the rich and famous. Kids weren’t monitoring every day what Kim Kardashian was wearing, or where Kanye West was going on vacation, and thinking that somehow that was the mark of success.

Now, if I’m reading this, I’m thinking, “wow, he’s right!”  If you think about it, Americans, especially children, are exposed to a different type of success.  We don’t just see hard workers on television, we see reality shows where families have millions and are afforded a dramatic lifestyle where they can spend any amount they want on any THING they want.  Is that so bad?  Is that unrealistic?  Well, Kris Jenner seems to think Obama was out of line; take a look at her response:

*Video* Willow Smith “Summer Fling”

Normally, I put new music on my site and it’s because I actually like it, but I’m a little iffy about this one.  The song in general is not too bad, but watching a video with a twelve year old girl singing about a summer fling is kind of weird.  It seems like some of Willow’s childhood innocence doesn’t even exist…plus she sounds like Rihanna…I don’t know; check it out for yourselves.

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